Message thread:
Nick - For the Spotify Users: 15-Mar-2020 22:27:55
nightcat - Not my playlist but I think it's worth a share 17-Mar-2020 11:31:12
nightcat - My dream Corrs setlist 17-Mar-2020 12:30:46
SteveW - Love your playlist. Only change I'd make is to leave out Bono :-) 17-Mar-2020 12:42:50
nightcat - Of course I'm not including Bono in my gig, just them and the sidemen playing onstage are enough 😂 17-Mar-2020 13:06:43
Corranga - I don't mind Bono, having seen them perform together live, I'd leave him in, even if only for the memory... 20-Mar-2020 16:23:34

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