Message thread:
Wendy - Harmony cover - isolated chorus vocals 10-Apr-2020 14:04:20
SteveW - This sounds awesome; thanks for posting it, Wendy! 10-Apr-2020 20:36:25
AB_CLOSER - Wow! Thank you Wendy! 10-Apr-2020 23:30:15
Wendy - Thanks! 11-Apr-2020 00:47:16
Wendy - Full Harmony cover - finally posted it on Instagram 11-Apr-2020 01:05:22
Terry2 - Harmoneeee 11-Apr-2020 09:25:00
Wendy - We were ahead of the curve! 12-Apr-2020 05:05:02
nightcat - Thanks Wendy for this! And happy Easter to everyone here! Stay safe and sane 12-Apr-2020 07:56:02
MentariS - Harmony cover and remote collaboration 12-Apr-2020 12:21:59
Wendy - Great work! It's nice to hear an acoustic version of Summer Sunshine. 13-Apr-2020 00:37:01
SteveW - This is an excellent cover; I enjoyed it 13-Apr-2020 23:22:56
GaelleF - Yes, post it on youtube ! it's cool ! I don't even hear myself really, but the finale result is really good ! 14-Apr-2020 18:16:48
Wendy - Hmm, I'll have to look at the original file... 15-Apr-2020 03:40:31

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