Message thread:
MentariS - Sharon posted a lovely cover of The Police's Tea in the Sahara on Instagram yesterday: 19-May-2020 09:19:17
Wendy - It's so haunting, isn't it?!... 19-May-2020 11:16:11
SteveW - Tea in the Sahara 19-May-2020 15:32:48
Wendy - Sting melodies 20-May-2020 06:04:00
SteveW - Sting (off-topic) 20-May-2020 09:59:10
Wendy - Sting continued... 20-May-2020 14:06:04
Corranga - now also on YouTube (as of 4 days ago) 20-Jul-2020 17:57:00

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