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RogerB - Who created/produced the video for Borrowed Heaven? 22-May-2020 18:11:50
SteveW - Is there a video for the song Borrowed Heaven? 23-May-2020 01:18:32
RogerB - Oh, Duh! It was so well put together, I assumed it was official. 23-May-2020 03:24:31
RogerB - And yet, the images it presents do such a good job of conveying the sense of the lrics. 23-May-2020 03:27:16
SteveW - That is indeed a pretty sharp-looking video 23-May-2020 05:36:34
RogerB - Videos generally 23-May-2020 09:08:08
Wendy - Music videos 23-May-2020 13:19:00
Nick - I work as a Audiovisual A&R for one of the Majors (not Warner) in South America. And usually.. 25-May-2020 17:14:16
RogerB - Can you find out who did the Borrowed Heaven video? 26-May-2020 18:46:27
SteveW - videos 27-May-2020 12:59:34
Nick - I think the TOC era videos were quite simple and mostly just playbacks, because 28-May-2020 07:31:44
dave - I think it was 'The Best Of' album that had notes inside the sleeve giving details of early videos. 30-May-2020 16:55:18
nexi_exi17 - Original videos (40 mins) below: 14-Jun-2020 11:44:31
SteveW - Wow, is there any question this board can't answer? 14-Jun-2020 12:42:36
dave - Any question the board can't answer?... not really. Even The Corrs' manager asked where we got our info...LOL 14-Jun-2020 20:58:43

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