Message thread:
SteveW - update: board cover version of Long Night 07-Jun-2020 05:08:29
AB_CLOSER - Email sent. 08-Jun-2020 19:44:02
evaprimananda - Can I join? 14-Jun-2020 23:13:02
SteveW - Sure! What do you want to play/sing? 15-Jun-2020 05:04:58
evaprimananda - I can play tin whistle 15-Jun-2020 07:44:05
evaprimananda - So, it will be played in the key of G#? 15-Jun-2020 08:04:03
SteveW - Yes, key of G# or Ab. But you can play it in G and we can electronically raise it a step 15-Jun-2020 11:02:25
evaprimananda - I already sent the email 15-Jun-2020 11:41:12

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