Message thread:
CaraJ - We have a bunch of new members today because I wasn't getting emails again! Sorry for the delay new members! 20-Jun-2020 11:53:14
SteveW - Welcome, everyone! 20-Jun-2020 14:36:48
nightcat - Welcome from me too! I'm also surprised we're still getting new members 21-Jun-2020 08:45:21
JohnLnyc - Introducing myself 21-Jun-2020 21:58:15
dave - I'm also totally amazed that 'new' members are still appearing. However, as on The Corrs Fan Club 22-Jun-2020 12:11:52
JohnLnyc - Not gone not forgotten 22-Jun-2020 21:55:57
Baxterianism - Welcome! Great to have you here 26-Jun-2020 15:35:04
MentariS - Am pleasantly surprised to see new members. Welcome John and everyone else 😊 22-Jun-2020 13:10:44

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