Message thread:
Corranga - New blog post.... from 2005 - (yes, really!) Monte Carlo 26-Jun-2020 22:47:24
Wendy - That was fun to see old photos and read about your experience!... 28-Jun-2020 12:57:14
SteveW - This was a great read; thanks for sharing. 28-Jun-2020 13:55:25
Corranga - Yes the set list was special. We flew out to Bonn in Germany 28-Jun-2020 18:34:06
dave - Yes it was great fun, I too have some photos somewhere. A cheeky comment from Sharon 29-Jun-2020 11:53:00
nightcat - Great piece Corranga, thanks for sharing! The Corrs + Monaco combo sure looks awesome 29-Jun-2020 13:31:36
Baxterianism - Beautiful stuff, Thanks for sharing :D 29-Jun-2020 14:27:14
Den - Remember when they opened the roof and millions of clies came in and landed in our meals? Also the cost of drinks? 14-Jul-2020 09:07:02
Corranga - Haha, yes that was a bit of a downside of the roof opening, I don’t remember the drinks cost though 28-Jul-2020 21:15:00

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