Message thread:
Richscart - Early Corrs video 29-Jun-2020 21:29:14
Wendy - Have you seen the Forgiven Not Forgotten EPK? 30-Jun-2020 05:44:05
AB_CLOSER - Early Corrs photos 30-Jun-2020 10:38:50
dave - Certainly some photos there that I'd never seen before - thanks for posting. 01-Jul-2020 15:02:39
MentariS - Thanks for sharing these, Alejandro! Good to see some photos that I hadn’t seen before 06-Jul-2020 11:19:31
StPaddy - actually, you were the 4th who left a ´like´. ;) 20-Jul-2020 11:26:44
SteveW - Hi StPaddy, haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you are well. 20-Jul-2020 23:14:11
StPaddy - Hi Steve, I´m well, thanks for asking! Hope you are too! 21-Jul-2020 16:51:58
SteveW - St Paddy, no rush on the drums, take all the time you need 25-Jul-2020 06:33:58
Baxterianism - A good question! ... One I hope to finally give a better answer to going forward... 30-Jun-2020 15:09:26
SteveW - I would definitely listen to a Corrs podcast! 01-Jul-2020 15:00:18
MentariS - Ditto! 03-Jul-2020 10:48:23
dave - Miguel, who works at RTE, is the guy to collaborate with Baxterianism. 01-Jul-2020 15:04:17
nightcat - I'd also be willing to listen to a Corrs podcast! 02-Jul-2020 08:23:12
Baxterianism - Thanks for the heads up Dave, Miguel and I have spoken lots down the years... 03-Jul-2020 07:55:47
dave - If you uncover any other early RTE stuff Baxterianism I'd certainly be interested in seeing it. 03-Jul-2020 20:07:46
Baxterianism - Certainly the idea Dave!... 03-Jul-2020 22:22:44
AB_CLOSER - The Corrs 1996 Zona Franca Runaway Cachitos de hierro y cromo RTVE (extract) 04-Jul-2020 12:00:47
SteveW - Thanks, Alejandro! I had never seen this before 04-Jul-2020 15:47:03
AB_CLOSER - I found the full version! "The Corrs-1996-Zona Franca-Runaway" 04-Jul-2020 23:58:14
SteveW - Finally got a chance to watch this -- fun to see them so young 19-Jul-2020 11:55:23

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