Message thread:
MentariS - Brilliant new interview with Andrea on Business Post magazine: 02-Aug-2020 12:07:32
Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing this, it's really lovely. 02-Aug-2020 13:22:12
nightcat - It's a nice read for today, thanks for sharing. I also love the photos that came with the article/interview 03-Aug-2020 13:52:45
AB_CLOSER - And she IS beautiful, so beautiful... 03-Aug-2020 15:08:30
AB_CLOSER - Image 03-Aug-2020 15:09:19
Wendy - Stunning photo, is it new? 04-Aug-2020 07:13:57
AB_CLOSER - Yes. Is part of the article magazine. 04-Aug-2020 16:29:51

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