Message thread:
CorrMac - Sad to see that Jim is in the news again, for all the wrong reasons ... 23-Aug-2020 15:52:40
JohnLnyc - Again? 24-Aug-2020 02:10:22
Wendy - It's possible that Jim could influence a few fans to not wear masks... 26-Aug-2020 03:54:38
Corranga - Quite the opposite, he’s posted some conspiracy crap about how wearing a mask can contribute to 26-Aug-2020 19:34:02
JohnLnyc - It is still about freedom of expression and speech 26-Aug-2020 21:30:17
JohnLnyc - Some hours on Jim 27-Aug-2020 16:04:27
CorrMac - I'm not interested in 'silencing' Jim ... 28-Aug-2020 23:37:33

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