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MentariS - New interview with Andrea by Barry Egan on The Irish Independent: 06-Sep-2020 10:38:46
Chanh - Thank you 06-Sep-2020 11:03:35
Wendy - Thanks for posting! 06-Sep-2020 14:48:57
Corrsgirl1 - Thank you for sharing this! 06-Sep-2020 18:25:42
SteveW - Thanks for posting the screen shots! 08-Sep-2020 08:52:24
nightcat - Sorry if I'm late in seeing this but thanks for posting the screenshots! always nice to hear from the Corr sisters 11-Sep-2020 09:06:27
dave - Thanks for posting Mentari, interesting in its little ways but nothing of great significance. 14-Sep-2020 16:51:16

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