Message thread:
dave - Another cover of Dreams, by an artist I currently follow. How do you think it compares 24-Oct-2020 12:29:03
Robin - Hi Dave hope all good with you. Great version of Dreams by Laura, really like it. Guess you will be 26-Oct-2020 19:04:12
dave - Hi Robin, surprisingly Laura and her band have been managing to do some gigs in France 27-Oct-2020 12:03:02
SteveW - Nice cover of Dreams 26-Oct-2020 20:39:13
dave - I actually thought her version was closer to the original Steve, but then I don't have your 27-Oct-2020 12:08:09
SteveW - I agree that Laura's version sounds more like the FM version 27-Oct-2020 16:33:35
JohnLnyc - Not bad 30-Oct-2020 20:07:41

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