Message thread:
CSCfan - Does anyone has access to the full article? 29-Oct-2020 17:52:11
AB_CLOSER - pressreader 29-Oct-2020 18:28:00
SteveW - Thanks for posting! Nothing new but a nice and positive article nonetheless 29-Oct-2020 18:40:32
dave - Well I wasn't aware that fans 'had rumoured a tour' or that Caroline had a solo album... 30-Oct-2020 13:24:10
Corranga - and that photo of them at the MTV awards in 1990 :D 02-Nov-2020 08:53:57
AB_CLOSER - :)))) 1999_11_11_MTV awards in the Point Depot in Dublin 03-Nov-2020 11:03:12
AB_CLOSER - The Corrs, audition for The Commitments, 1990 03-Nov-2020 11:44:38
JohnLnyc - A small error? 17-Nov-2020 21:32:25
SeanCorrain - Well ... they had me up to the end "Caroline's Solo Records" 01-Nov-2020 00:05:31
Corranga - Jim was already pro-conspiracy, and fairly politically active prior to White Light 02-Nov-2020 08:53:34
Wendy - I wonder what the girls would sound like without Jim?... 06-Nov-2020 05:49:55
SeanCorrain - They dont need him 06-Nov-2020 23:24:24
Wendy - He does sing some harmonies at times, I thought... 07-Nov-2020 02:21:30
SeanCorrain - That was their producer in "Harmony" (WL) and he did do a FEW backing vocals in FNF (maybe TOC) 08-Nov-2020 22:43:27
sergio - I really hope that's not gonna happen ever... 11-Nov-2020 15:20:49
JohnLnyc - No not lukely to ever happen. 19-Nov-2020 22:50:09

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