Message thread:
MentariS - Sharon wrote on her Instagram story that she will release a ‘surprise track’ tomorrow 🤔 17-Nov-2020 16:59:42
SeanCorrain - I really cant wait to hear what it will be ! 17-Nov-2020 18:44:16
Corrsgirl1 - oohh something to took forward too! 18-Nov-2020 09:51:58
Corrsgirl1 - The track is up! 19-Nov-2020 12:00:54
JohnLnyc - Same train 19-Nov-2020 21:10:46
Johnlnyc - Same train or song? 20-Nov-2020 16:54:24
Corrsgirl1 - The less important something is the better it will stick in my brain. 21-Nov-2020 09:51:46
JohnLnyc - I suffer that too! 21-Nov-2020 16:54:29
Terry2 - Six Train 21-Nov-2020 23:53:11
JohnLnyc - I suffer that too! 22-Nov-2020 17:59:41

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