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MentariS - Christmas Songs by Andrea is available for stream and download now (including one original song she wrote!!!): 25-Nov-2020 10:09:47
Wendy - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!... 25-Nov-2020 10:51:59
MentariS - I do hope it's her playing ukulele! And I agree with you, I love Begin Again so much 25-Nov-2020 10:58:21
Corrsgirl1 - What a lovely Christmas gift to us all ! 25-Nov-2020 11:06:44
Wendy - Who produced it, I wonder?... 25-Nov-2020 13:14:13
JohnLnyc - it does make sense 25-Nov-2020 19:57:17
JohnLnyc - it does make sense 26-Nov-2020 16:17:11
MentariS - According to the description of this YouTube video, it's produced by Anna Rice: 25-Nov-2020 14:48:46
SeanCorrain - If you're in the US (sorry) we've been forgotten .... again 25-Nov-2020 16:43:45
JohnLnyc - Not forgotten 26-Nov-2020 17:06:11
Steverino - I share the frustration that Séan expresses. 27-Nov-2020 22:25:25
JohnLnyc - I feel your pain but.... 28-Nov-2020 06:11:55
Steverino - Let me try to illustrate the inequality that is the cause of our complaints. 28-Nov-2020 18:27:47
JohnLnyc - I think I get it... 29-Nov-2020 02:32:39
JohnLnyc - I think I have fugured it out (maybe) 30-Nov-2020 16:12:49
Corranga - Now this is a 2020 I can get on board with! What a wonderful surprise :) 25-Nov-2020 18:28:19
Mrrob69uk - I love begin again! 26-Nov-2020 01:11:00
SteveW - Polyrhythms and other quick thoughts on Andrea's Christmas Songs 26-Nov-2020 12:48:53
JohnLnyc - Dueling Ukes? 26-Nov-2020 19:16:52
SteveW - Followup on polyrhythms in Begin Again 30-Nov-2020 17:00:20
MentariS - On iTunes it's currently #4 in Ireland, #6 in Indonesia (yay!!), #8 in Italy, and #15 in the UK 26-Nov-2020 13:50:36
nightcat - Just dropping by here to share in the fun haha 26-Nov-2020 14:37:01
MentariS - Just in—and #2 in Portugal 26-Nov-2020 16:34:40
BallerinaTay - On US Spotify now! No iTunes yet that I can see. 27-Nov-2020 06:43:47
JohnLnyc - Here's the Apple story 30-Nov-2020 21:38:04
AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr (Official Audio) Youtube 30-Nov-2020 23:49:21

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