Message thread:
MentariS - So I have been trying to transcribe the lyrics to Begin Again...and this is what we've had so far (corrections welcome!) 25-Nov-2020 16:47:30
AB_CLOSER - Thanks a lot!!! 25-Nov-2020 17:42:06
nightcat - Thanks for sharing this Mentari! Thanks to Rique too 26-Nov-2020 14:37:45
Wendy - Thanks! What is everyone's interpretation of the lyrics? 29-Nov-2020 12:34:16
SteveW - "Tears of St. Lawrence" is another name for the Perseid meteor shower 29-Nov-2020 15:04:50
Leslie - This is such a lovely and unique song. The chorus is from a Christmas hymn... 02-Dec-2020 19:58:45
nightcat - Just here to say that wow Leslie I just love your interpretation of the song. 02-Dec-2020 20:32:22
Leslie - Thank you! :) 03-Dec-2020 17:54:54
SteveW - Leslie, I like your interpretation. It's similar to Sharon's song, Christmas Night 02-Dec-2020 22:15:23
Leslie - It does seems that way... 03-Dec-2020 18:00:21
AB_CLOSER - Youtube - andreacorrofficial lyrics 02-Dec-2020 16:48:13

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