Message thread:
MentariS - Andrea has released a music video for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas: 17-Dec-2020 10:13:38
Wendy - Aw, that's lovely, and very 2020. 17-Dec-2020 10:26:58
AB_CLOSER - Thanks! 17-Dec-2020 18:06:07
nightcat - Damn, this video made me shed a tear or two. It's been a long hard year for us all. 17-Dec-2020 20:10:08
SteveW - Is the location in the video where the Lansdowne Road stadium used to be? 17-Dec-2020 22:04:40
M-Corr - Yes the location is Lansdowne Road now called the.... 17-Dec-2020 23:52:36
dave - The home of Irish rugby football - whenever international games are played in Dublin 22-Dec-2020 11:08:27

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