Message thread:
AB_CLOSER - Andrea on ‘Fanning at Whelan’s’ tomorrow night Thursday. 16-Dec-2020 19:02:00
evaprimananda - the promotion for Christmas Songs are more than Jupiter Calling 17-Dec-2020 01:37:57
nightcat - IKR eva? Funny when one thinks about that 17-Dec-2020 20:09:18
SteveW - Good point, evaprimananda! 17-Dec-2020 22:05:21
MentariS - True, and to think they didn’t even bother to make a proper music video for any song in JC 🙃 18-Dec-2020 02:35:16
SteveW - lack of JC promo 18-Dec-2020 08:36:16
nightcat - You bring up a good theory there Steve. 18-Dec-2020 20:00:35
M-Corr - Link to Dave Fanning show. 17-Dec-2020 23:27:25
M-Corr - To save people a bit of time Andrea appears at 17 Mins 30 Sec and sings at 37Min 23 Sec 17-Dec-2020 23:28:45
AB_CLOSER - Fanning at Whelan's. Interview & Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. 17-Dec-2020 23:48:14

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