Message thread:
Wendy - Corrs tribute bands question 13-Dec-2020 10:33:49
SteveW - I haven't seen or been in a Corrs tribute band, but... 13-Dec-2020 11:19:34
Wendy - How would we do that logistically? :) 14-Dec-2020 11:10:25
MentariS - Saw one live in Jakarta last year and it was amazing! 14-Dec-2020 02:55:39
Wendy - That Indonesian singer in the first video is great... 14-Dec-2020 11:26:37
Wendy - An Australian/Indonesian singer I like... 14-Dec-2020 11:32:27
SteveW - That was a lovely cover version of In Your Eyes, thanks for sharing 18-Dec-2020 09:06:50
SteveW - Corrs/Craberries tribute band 19-Dec-2020 03:28:20

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