Message thread:
nightcat - I remember somebody posting bootleg links ages ago so does anyone here have BH tour Live in Bercy audio files? 20-Dec-2020 04:34:53
AB_CLOSER - Send email 20-Dec-2020 10:47:32
nightcat - Do you mean send an email to the address listed on your member profile? 20-Dec-2020 12:34:38
AB_CLOSER - Ok 20-Dec-2020 12:48:51
nightcat - Just got something in my inbox, thanks so much and Merry Christmas AB! 20-Dec-2020 13:51:34
SteveW - the 1996 Tokyo gig is available on youtube 20-Dec-2020 23:46:33
nightcat - By gosh I've completely forgotten it was up on YT, thank you so much for reminding me Steve!! 21-Dec-2020 13:26:43
Wendy - The Rakes of Kildare... 24-Dec-2020 08:52:03
SteveW - I never realized the Rakes of Kildare was the same tune at the end of Spancil Hill 25-Dec-2020 10:19:14

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