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MentariS - Andrea on RTÉ’s The Tommy Tiernan Show: 03-Jan-2021 00:22:30
AB_CLOSER - Andrea Corr performs 'Lilac Wine' from her new solo album 'Lifelines'. ??????? 03-Jan-2021 10:37:26
Corranga - Yeah there's a bit of a mix up! :D 04-Jan-2021 15:37:54
Damon - The Full Interview & Performance 03-Jan-2021 15:32:17
AB_CLOSER - Thanks a lot Damon! 03-Jan-2021 22:49:15
Corranga - Thanks Damon, I really enjoyed that interview. The song was ok, not amazing imo, not really to my taste 04-Jan-2021 15:53:47
Wendy - Great interview! 09-Jan-2021 23:18:03

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