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nexi_exi17 - The Corrs' Lost Sessions - Early Performances & Interview 15-Jan-2021 11:38:30
AB_CLOSER - Thanks a lot for sharing! Great performances and funny comments. 15-Jan-2021 22:58:30
Corrsgirl1 - Can someone explain the Jim Corr joke to me? 17-Jan-2021 07:42:39
nexi_exi17 - Jim Kerr - lead vocal of Simple Minds :) 18-Jan-2021 10:37:43
Corrsgirl1 - Thanks, I'm not really familiar with Simple Minds so that joke was lost on me. 18-Jan-2021 14:02:19
SteveW - Thanks for posting this -- always a pleasure to hear their live acoustic performances 18-Jan-2021 08:54:06
Wendy - Gold! These are so special... 18-Jan-2021 15:30:44
nightcat - Thanks for sharing this Nexi! 20-Jan-2021 08:41:21

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