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Wendy - Podcast interview with Caroline 04-Feb-2021 11:50:34
Corrsgirl1 - Thanks for sharing! I don't think I've ever listened to a Caroline only interview so I'm excited about this. 04-Feb-2021 19:40:05
Corrsgirl1 - Caroline calling Andrea a mistake, only 8 minutes in and it's already gold. 04-Feb-2021 19:49:03
Wendy - I'm glad Andrea Corr was born, even if she was an accident! 05-Feb-2021 08:13:37
MentariS - Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the podcast so much—it’s a bit long but definitely well worth listening to 👍🏼 05-Feb-2021 07:34:23
SteveW - Loved this interview; thanks for sharing 06-Feb-2021 12:16:09
SteveW - more Caroline interviews 06-Feb-2021 12:31:11
dave - She sounds very much like Sharon - thanks for posting. 13-Feb-2021 13:59:58
Steverino - Thanks for sharing this - it's so great to hear from Caroline! 21-Feb-2021 22:28:31
nightcat - Thanks for sharing this here, we're always up for more Caroline interviews since they don't happen often. 05-Mar-2021 08:39:05

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