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AB_CLOSER - I Know My Love - Andrea Corr and friends | The Late Late Show | RTÉ One 18-Mar-2021 01:39:08
SteveW - Short but sweet -- thanks for posting 18-Mar-2021 03:10:04
MrPeabody - This is just a small part of a great segment 19-Mar-2021 01:49:00
Taliesin - The others musicians. 23-Mar-2021 17:44:07
SteveW - The harp player is Moya Brennan of the band Clannad (and sister of Enya) 24-Mar-2021 07:37:14
Wendy - A lovely segment! And I've always enjoyed "I Know My Love" :) 20-Mar-2021 09:16:29

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