Message thread:
Wendy - Caroline Polachek performing Breathless on The Late Late Show with James Corden 05-Mar-2021 12:17:26
Mark - Well, that was interesting... here's the full performance... 05-Mar-2021 15:38:29
CorrMac - Don't apologise ... I didn't think much of it either! 08-Mar-2021 15:49:57
SteveW - I didn't really like her vesion either, but I do respect that she put her own spin on the song 09-Mar-2021 00:18:54
Wendy - Oh, I don't love it, but as Steve said, I can respect that she gave it a different feel... 09-Mar-2021 09:25:59
Corranga - I read some of the comments, and she certainly has some fans that think she's amazing 09-Mar-2021 14:23:36
SteveW - I quite liked both versions of "So Hot You're Hurting my Feelings", especially the solo piano version 10-Mar-2021 04:17:04
SeanCorrain - The Comments though .... 15-Apr-2021 05:29:16

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