Message thread:
Jerry - Which will happen first: the next Corrs tour or the ABBA hologram tour? 29-Mar-2021 23:38:00
nightcat - At this rate, the ABBA tour's likely gonna happen first because there's a bit more demand for that haha 30-Mar-2021 12:20:05
CSCfan - As the holograms can't contract COVID and that tour will be a less logistical nightmare, I'd say ABBA! ;p 30-Mar-2021 18:24:18
dave - Ain't nothin gonna happen nowhere anywhere in our lifetimes unless - everyone gets jabbed ! 31-Mar-2021 13:29:50
Wendy - They could come to Australia! Covid is minimal here... 06-Apr-2021 14:31:15
CSCfan - Frankly, the first thing that will happen, is Sharon's 3rd solo album release and a (promotional) tour supporting it. 06-Apr-2021 17:32:07
rmssw - Unfortunate Jim has become a massive liability 06-Apr-2021 13:38:44
dave - Under current and forseeable regulations, Jim would not be allowed to leave UK/Ireland 06-Apr-2021 16:55:26
Wendy - Sharon will definitely be the focus for a while... 07-Apr-2021 01:03:55
Den - Well I am going second jab on Thursday. Pleased to be helping reduce the number of infections and deaths. 24-Apr-2021 20:44:23
JohnLnyc - Ironic 12-Apr-2021 21:18:38
Jerry - I'm guessing they've continued to write songs. 12-Apr-2021 22:18:44
Corrsgirl1 - No one is canceling Jim, he can still share his ideas but I can also share mine 17-Apr-2021 21:55:40
MentariS - Well said 18-Apr-2021 11:20:12

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