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Crickets - The Fool and the Scorpion, new single by Sharon Corr 25-Jun-2021 13:05:09
Crickets - Some more info 25-Jun-2021 13:28:11
Wendy - Thanks! The song begins at 6.35. 25-Jun-2021 13:40:41
Terry2 - Sharon track 25-Jun-2021 14:43:43
Corranga - It sounds good to me, but then i like my guitar sounding like outdated rock ;) 25-Jun-2021 21:27:18
Wendy - Sorry! But maybe it's time for a rock guitar revival! 26-Jun-2021 00:56:00
MentariS - I like what I'm hearing so far! And I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised that it's quite an angry song :-) 26-Jun-2021 13:25:40
SteveW - Listening to the song now... 25-Jun-2021 23:35:57
SteveW - Did she say anything new or interesting in the interview? 25-Jun-2021 23:43:15
Fran_SS - Interview content 26-Jun-2021 11:50:36
Wendy - I too was impressed with her Spanish! (Despite not knowing Spanish). 26-Jun-2021 12:13:11
SteveW - Thanks so much for the interview summary! 26-Jun-2021 13:16:33
MentariS - Thanks for the interview summary, Fran! I find her Spanish impressive too, especially in an interview. 26-Jun-2021 13:26:53
Fran_SS - Song lyrics 26-Jun-2021 21:47:12
Wendy - Good work! Here are some lyric suggestions... 30-Jun-2021 02:51:14
Servantez - Hi. What I hear is 'And I will need you to bleed out and dry to a dust you used to be'. Her take on 'dust to dust'? 15-Jul-2021 20:51:14
Servantez - I'm also pretty sure it's 'Cruising from vine to vine...' 27-Jul-2021 00:11:26

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