Message thread:
Wendy - Freefall - Sharon's new single!... 19-Aug-2021 16:13:57
Corrsgirl1 - I like it! A bit more up tempo. Im really liking the direction sharon seems to be going it with the new music. 19-Aug-2021 23:13:20
Crickets - Her BEST SONG to this date! 20-Aug-2021 07:26:52
SteveW - Freefall - first impression 20-Aug-2021 10:28:58
SteveW - another Freefall thoughts 20-Aug-2021 14:21:56
SteveW - Freefall video premieres on Sunday 20-Aug-2021 14:00:49
SteveW - link doesn't seem to be working; here's another one 20-Aug-2021 14:05:16

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