Message thread:
SteveW - Why wait so long to release the album? 20-Aug-2021 14:10:24
Wendy - It's frustrating, hey? I suspect they want to drip feed content... 21-Aug-2021 03:30:42
neleh - Might be typical label marketing strategy.. 21-Aug-2021 17:47:14
CSCfan - Yeah these days is pretty normal to release a certain amount of singles before an album.. Some artists.. . 22-Aug-2021 16:38:45
Corranga - At least Sharon is releasing an actual physical album, I won't know what to do when it's all streaming and no actual CDs 30-Aug-2021 17:58:46
JohnLnyc - It’s marketing 04-Sep-2021 08:31:15
SteveW - I grew up in the 80s, and I remember albums coming out about a month after the lead single 05-Sep-2021 07:59:17

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