Message thread:
Baxterianism - CorrsCast - Episode 2 - Ryan Freeland 27-Sep-2021 07:38:58
Johnlnyc - Interesting if subtle revelations… 29-Sep-2021 07:56:04
Baxterianism - That juggling is certainly key. Wonderful breakdown and observations… 29-Sep-2021 09:52:33
SteveW - Excellent episode (again!) 29-Sep-2021 18:08:20
Johnlnyc - Sorting things out…. 30-Sep-2021 01:43:13
Baxterianism - Thank you so much for this breakdown. Incredibly helpful and really aids the full understanding of the process 30-Sep-2021 12:55:01
SteveW - John, thanks for the detailed explanation of what producers, mixing engineers, and mastering engineers do. Very helpful. 07-Oct-2021 05:03:42
Baxterianism - So glad to hear you enjoyed the second episode! More to come :) 30-Sep-2021 12:54:22
Wendy - Another lovely episode! The revelations for me were... 30-Sep-2021 13:14:02
Baxterianism - Thank you for listening! Its hard but enjoyable work to create it 30-Sep-2021 16:20:35
Wendy - The amount of work is not lost on me! :) 02-Oct-2021 00:20:44
JohnLnyc - The heart of the matter? 21-Oct-2021 16:11:51

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