Message thread:
CSCfan - Soooo.... Sharon's 3rd studio album "The Fool & The Scorpion" is out now! Opinions? :) 27-Sep-2021 10:26:05
Wendy - I have mixed thoughts... 27-Sep-2021 10:58:34
neleh - A Thousand Lives and Heart is a Lonely Hunter sticks out me so far 27-Sep-2021 11:59:02
SteveW - So far I've only listened to the title song and Freefall 29-Sep-2021 18:04:05
GreenViolin - I actually love it 29-Sep-2021 15:55:55
Fran_SS - It might be my favourite record of hers 30-Sep-2021 17:04:57
Crickets - Need this in vinyl 01-Oct-2021 17:05:57
Corrsgirl1 - I love it! 04-Oct-2021 06:58:41
Jerry - My pre-ordered signed CD from Amazon UK never showed up. 30-Nov-2021 06:29:49

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