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Baxterianism - CorrsCast - Episode 3 - Simon Franglen 02-Nov-2021 12:27:44
JohnLnyc - Getting better all the time…. 02-Nov-2021 15:11:33
DrFunkenstein - I love this look behind the linear notes and credits to see how a record is actually made! 02-Nov-2021 15:48:24
Wendy - More great insights! 08-Nov-2021 09:57:50
SteveW - Great episode, as usual. I enjoyed hearing a snippet of Siog... 17-Nov-2021 06:31:44
Baxterianism - Written by Jerry Corr and produced and orchestrated by … 17-Nov-2021 08:46:47
SteveW - Wait, Siog was written by their dad? I never knew that! 17-Nov-2021 09:43:09
Baxterianism - Andrea tells us as much in her book. I dont know about his writing on anything else in the early days but.. 17-Nov-2021 19:52:42

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