Message thread:
SteveW - Andrea and Ron Wood on Late Late Show - Blue Christmas 19-Dec-2021 12:17:47
Wendy - Nice performance! Thanks for sharing. 19-Dec-2021 22:31:12
mark - Awww... I'm so sorry to say... Andrea sounds wonderful, but Ronnie? Yikes! :) 23-Dec-2021 21:13:33
SteveW - I think Andrea sings duets well 25-Dec-2021 00:50:49
Wendy - Serving the song... 25-Dec-2021 01:22:19
MentariS - I knew I couldn't be the only one who thinks that! Andrea sounds beautiful as always, but Ronnie kinda ruins it for me 25-Dec-2021 15:59:12

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