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Baxterianism - CorrsCast - Episode 5 - Interview with David Reitzas 31-Jan-2022 07:27:51
JohnLnyc - Corrscast 31-Jan-2022 16:37:59
Baxterianism - Thank you so much… 31-Jan-2022 18:46:50
SteveW - Brilliant! Enjoyed hearing the story behind the time signature shift in Runaway 02-Feb-2022 21:54:01
Baxterianism - I remember you asking about this choice months back and was so glad this had already been covered. 03-Feb-2022 14:55:33
Wendy - I love that part too! Listening to the story behind it made my day... 04-Feb-2022 11:44:10
Baxterianism - It's lovely and has made my day to think that listening back has helped you. The song at 41:20 is... 04-Feb-2022 13:04:00
Wendy - Thank you! It's amazing to hear the whole tune after all these years!... 05-Feb-2022 02:00:37
SteveW - I love this performance of Carraroe Jig 05-Feb-2022 07:37:56
Baxterianism - It really does have such a freedom about it. This audio was taken from a video of the session which should be … 05-Feb-2022 08:10:16
Wendy - Historic video! So excited! 05-Feb-2022 12:30:11
Wendy - "Tiger Woods playing miniature golf" - haha! 05-Feb-2022 12:29:38
Mark - This was great... thanks so much for sharing. 15-Feb-2022 18:32:45
Mark - Hey, I think I found the video of Simon Phillips mentioned in the interview 15-Feb-2022 21:59:59
Baxterianism - Glad you enjoyed! The video mentioned in the show notes and the one you’ve linked to is a previously… 15-Feb-2022 23:24:31

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