Message thread:
nightcat - hello guys! how are you? 24-Mar-2022 17:00:36
SteveW - Glad to see you back, nightcat! Pretty quiet here lately. Hope you are doing well. 25-Mar-2022 06:39:38
Wendy - Most of the activity has been around the wonderful CorrsCast! 26-Mar-2022 05:59:30
nightcat - I've also been enjoying the podcast immensely, It's the next best thing we have to actually having The Corrs do podcasts 27-Mar-2022 07:07:01
Baxterianism - Thank you for listening! Thats very kind of you to say 27-Mar-2022 12:50:43
nightcat - I am doing well thank you, being busy at least during weekends since I'm graduating from college this year. 27-Mar-2022 07:09:25

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