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Baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 8 - Interview with Jason Flom 30-May-2022 07:29:38
Wendy - Jason Flom was a delight! And... 30-May-2022 11:31:04
nightcat - This episode has been a delight to listen to like the previous ones so far, thanks for sharing here! 30-May-2022 16:25:53
Baxterianism - it does have a discord but this is not intended to replace CorrsClub for discussion! … 30-May-2022 18:43:09
nightcat - thanks for the link, just entered the server 31-May-2022 14:40:16
SteveW - Great episode as always! 08-Jun-2022 10:33:44
Baxterianism - Glad to hear it was enjoyed! Im fairly new to discord myself too but we will figure it out :) 08-Jun-2022 17:43:17
Steverino - Fascinating interview. Thank you for all your work to schedule interviews and produce CorrsCast. 26-Jun-2022 18:10:49
Baxterianism - Thank you for sharing such kind words on my efforts so far… 26-Jun-2022 22:05:26

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