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JohnLnyc - Breathless cover 01-Jul-2022 19:41:37
JohnLnyc - I’ll get this right soon I hope 01-Jul-2022 19:43:44
Steverino - She sings it splendidly. Great cover... and she's definitely got the "In Blue" hair! ;-) 01-Jul-2022 23:48:58
JohnLnyc - Very nice! 02-Jul-2022 00:54:04
Steverino - I knew I'd seen her before... 05-Jul-2022 16:46:19
SteveW - I listened to a few other songs by imy2, and they were all pretty good 07-Jul-2022 05:53:17
SteveW - Enjoyed Stella McCoy's Corrs medley 03-Jul-2022 04:18:09
Steverino - Stella McCoy's introduction to her Corrs medley 03-Jul-2022 21:31:05
SteveW - Stella McCoy introduction 04-Jul-2022 05:57:12
SteveW - That was an excellent cover of Breathless 03-Jul-2022 04:00:34
Brandon - Thanks for sharing. You've made me into a new fan. 07-Jul-2022 07:30:34

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