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Baxterianism - The Corrs - One Night Only Concert announced! 28-Aug-2022 23:55:36
Wendy - Amazing! However, the performance is 2 hrs north of Sydney... 29-Aug-2022 00:42:31
Baxterianism - Two hours from Sydney. Ouch. Still processing this myself… wonders how many tickets will get sold 29-Aug-2022 00:52:47
SteveW - Meet and greet 29-Aug-2022 02:03:56
Wendy - $550 for the meet and greet! Ouch. 29-Aug-2022 14:08:28
JohnLnyc - Meet and greet not typical… 29-Aug-2022 16:12:41
MentariS - Anyone who's going - are you able to sign up for presale access at all? 29-Aug-2022 02:48:56
Jerry - There is an American Express presale a day before the One World presale. 29-Aug-2022 04:17:57
Baxterianism - I have the same issue my end to 29-Aug-2022 09:06:57
MentariS - I messaged One World Entertainment on Instagram about the issue and it worked for me afterwards… 30-Aug-2022 09:52:31
SteveW - interview with Sharon discussing Australia concert 29-Aug-2022 02:51:43
nightcat - now this is a shocker to start off the week 😳 29-Aug-2022 03:16:47
nightcat - I forgot to add on my previous reply's first paragraph... 29-Aug-2022 03:41:37
Jerry - She did say, "This is a good place to START OFF AGAIN." 29-Aug-2022 04:43:39
CSCfan - Yeah! She also said new dates in 2023 aren’t set yet and they’re still… 29-Aug-2022 07:29:41
Alastair - Wow! Great news 29-Aug-2022 08:32:42
JohnLnyc - Going in “style” 29-Aug-2022 14:22:27
JohnLnyc - In style packages 29-Aug-2022 14:34:17
Jerry - Hmm, won't Jim have to be vaccinated to enter Australia? 29-Aug-2022 16:34:36
JohnLnyc - Nope 29-Aug-2022 17:44:01
nightcat - I bet that's the only reason Jim can come with the rest of the band to Australia *side eyes Jim* 30-Aug-2022 13:08:34
Steverino - I'm so glad to hear they're bound for Australia, and I'm happy for all the fans there! 06-Sep-2022 07:46:03

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