Message thread:
JohnLnyc - Some help 17-Sep-2022 17:40:37
SteveW - I remember someone saying that this was a private event of some kind 18-Sep-2022 05:08:40
JohnLnyc - Thanks 19-Sep-2022 15:39:42
DrFunkenstein - My copy of this show says it was a prviate show for Warner (Brothers maybe?), but that's all I can offer 21-Sep-2022 16:45:04
SteveW - Launch NY gig 22-Sep-2022 23:28:10
Steverino - I knew nothing about this, but the performance might have been connected with LAUNCH magazine 24-Sep-2022 02:12:21
JohnLnyc - Great info 24-Sep-2022 15:05:53

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