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baxterianism - CorrsCast Episode 10 - Interview with Mark Gerard 19-Sep-2022 09:42:25
Wendy - This was great, thank you! I've written more in the Discord. 23-Sep-2022 11:18:04
Baxterianism - Thank you for listening Wendy, Ill check out your comments on the discord server. 26-Sep-2022 18:29:29
SteveW - Terrific episode as always 28-Sep-2022 23:19:44
Baxterianism - Correct with the first guess. Runaway was first and also possibly the one we know the least about 30-Sep-2022 23:36:27
Steverino - I enjoyed this interview with interesting Corrs history for us fans. 02-Oct-2022 21:09:31
Baxterianism - Thanks for listening It's a great shame that aspect ratios crop certain elements these days. Mark... 03-Oct-2022 22:11:35
Johnlnyc - Another interesting podcast 08-Oct-2022 17:18:19

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