Message thread:
SteveW - Andrea to release new Christmas album 12-Oct-2022 23:47:53
Corranga - The signed edition of the CD is up for preorder on AmazonUK for a tenner, same price as the unsigned 14-Oct-2022 13:45:20
dave - I once bought a 'signed' copy of a Corrs new release, only to find it was signed by their admin team. 14-Oct-2022 14:28:50
BallerinaTay - Just saw this on iTunes. What a treat! 15-Oct-2022 00:13:54
Steverino - That's great news regarding Andrea's full Christmas album! 20-Oct-2022 18:45:45
Jerry - Cats and Christmsa trees 21-Oct-2022 00:47:27
Steverino - Ha ha! You allegedly have taken away my excuse for not having a Christmas tree! 22-Oct-2022 21:22:18
Wendy - Last week I showed her 'Christmas Songs' album cover to a colleague... 24-Oct-2022 11:38:22
SteveW - she looks somewhere between 'pensive' and 'cold' to me 30-Oct-2022 06:38:24
Wendy - It's because she's in the bleak midwinter! :) 30-Oct-2022 13:39:47

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