Message thread:
Wendy - Are 'Meet and Greets' worth the money? 14-Nov-2022 23:02:34
SteveW - The Q&A session is much more appealing to me than the Meet and Greet 16-Nov-2022 01:00:31
Johnlnyc - Meet (a very brief encounter) and greet 18-Nov-2022 18:04:06
Johnlnyc - The process…. 18-Nov-2022 18:13:39
SteveW - Questions for the Corrs 19-Nov-2022 10:47:30
SeanCorrain - I say DO IT :) "This is the right time, once in a lifetime" and you never know when they will be back 17-Nov-2022 23:43:14
Wendy - I did it!... 21-Nov-2022 14:07:40
SteveW - How exciting, Wendy! 24-Nov-2022 04:46:14
MentariS - Wonderful! I’m going too - it’ll be amazing :-) 24-Nov-2022 06:12:05
SteveW - That's great, Mentari! 24-Nov-2022 08:39:22
Corranga - I'm a bit late to the party but... I'd be all over the meet and greet / Q&A. 28-Nov-2022 14:03:43

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