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OzQueen - Some little details from the Hope Estate Show 28-Nov-2022 06:38:38
OzQueen - oh wait, one more that made me laugh 28-Nov-2022 06:42:51
SteveW - Loved reading your recollections; thanks for sharing! 28-Nov-2022 08:37:44
SteveW - Andrea pointing at Caroline 29-Nov-2022 18:23:33
OzQueen - Ahh, thank you for finding it! I knew I had the song wrong but couldn't think what it was! 29-Nov-2022 21:33:20
nightcat - Hello OzQueen! So nice to see you around here again! 30-Nov-2022 05:56:37
CarolineInspiredMeToDrum - Loved reading your post 01-Dec-2022 11:05:01
Corranga - Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. The moments like these really make the gigs for me, every one is unique and makes 02-Dec-2022 08:53:49
Johnlnyc - Another very little detail 02-Dec-2022 14:53:41
SteveW - details 02-Dec-2022 20:19:28
Johnlnyc - Thanks Steve. 02-Dec-2022 23:24:59

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