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Baxterianism - CorrsCast - One night only in Australia - Concert discussion special 04-Dec-2022 18:40:09
Corranga - Fantastic! Hopefully I'll have time to listen at some point, looking forward to it 05-Dec-2022 17:27:32
Baxterianism - Thanks for sharing the link Chris! And your kind words on the work so far. 06-Dec-2022 11:55:59
SteveW - Wonderful! Loved hearing these first-person accounts of the Hope Estate gig 07-Dec-2022 04:43:48
nightcat - Thanks for those involved in this lovely bonus podcast episode! It's always a treat to listen to first-hand accounts 07-Dec-2022 05:59:29
Wendy - Thanks for listening Steve! Well done on making it to the end!... 11-Dec-2022 06:51:10

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