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SteveW - Trivia question: What do these songs -- and only these songs -- have in common? 22-Dec-2022 19:16:42
SteveW - Trivia question hint: what these songs (and no others) have in common is in the lyrics, not the music. 23-Dec-2022 22:13:34
AB_CLOSER - El llanto, la tristeza, las lágrimas... 24-Dec-2022 01:37:32
SteveW - That's a great answer! But I had something different in mind, so there is something else they have in common 24-Dec-2022 05:23:29
AB_CLOSER - Andrea wrote the lyrics 25-Dec-2022 20:11:47
AB_CLOSER - Andrea wrote the lyrics (2) 26-Dec-2022 00:28:35
SteveW - I enjoyed reading all of these quotes about Andrea writing the lyrics. Plus another hint. 26-Dec-2022 01:27:19
AB_CLOSER - Michael Farrugia 26-Dec-2022 01:47:56
SteveW - That's the answer! 26-Dec-2022 02:15:21
Corranga - How did I miss that answer! I clearly have to go off and immediately re-familiarise myself with their music! 11-Jan-2023 12:35:42
Alastair - Aha brilliant! 16-Jan-2023 08:18:47

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