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SteveW - Andrea and Cliff Richard on "Saviour's Day" (Andrea's vocal range) 26-Dec-2022 23:37:02
SteveW - another nice touch in Saviour's Day 26-Dec-2022 23:55:43
SteveW - more on Saviour's Day 27-Dec-2022 10:07:01
Corranga - Fantastic posts as always Steve. I'm a little late to the (Christmas) party, but, despite recoding the whole show on my 11-Jan-2023 12:58:06
SteveW - Cliff Richard 12-Jan-2023 23:52:41
commonwombat - More background re Cliff 24-Jan-2023 02:56:42
Mark - Thanks for sharing that Steve... nice analysis! And nice song. 26-Jan-2023 14:34:47

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