Message thread:
CSCfan - Wow....only 6 years late, but the band's official page posted (the 1st part? of) the Jupiter Calling EPK.. 18-Feb-2023 15:28:09
Baxterianism - Glad to finally see something of this. 20-Feb-2023 08:02:39
MentariS - I love how the director of the EPK wrote this on his Instagram story: 21-Feb-2023 13:04:08
SteveW - Glad to see this; hope we'll get to see more 23-Feb-2023 04:44:06
MentariS - His IG handle is @jamiecarterfilms 24-Feb-2023 06:35:49
nightcat - Maybe the band and/or their management has remembered they had this is finally decided to release XD 09-Mar-2023 06:06:33

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