Message thread:
Corranga - Sharon is playing a solo gig in Aberdeen, Scotland in July. 24-Mar-2023 09:33:22
Baxterianism - Ticket booked! 26-Mar-2023 21:53:15
Corranga - More UK Sharon gigs! 27-Mar-2023 13:28:50
Corranga - ...and even more. I've updated the tour dates spreadsheet which is posted in the pinned topic above, and in here too 27-Mar-2023 18:13:35
Steverino - I joined the CorrBoard in 2005, and still I have NEVER seen the Corrs perform in person! *sigh* 01-Jun-2023 04:20:01
Jerry - I have seen them 3 times and Sharon nce 02-Jun-2023 06:12:24
Steverino - Not bad at all, Jerry! 03-Jun-2023 18:21:40
Jerry - I only heard of them by accident 04-Jun-2023 01:07:48

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