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Baxterianism - Sharon has just cancelled her entire UK and EU for this year… 16-Jun-2023 19:28:59
pinkcorr - Really disappointed, and for the forst time in over twenty years I feel lied too and let down 16-Jun-2023 20:07:45
Corranga - Yep, i think it’s low ticket sales too, a real shame as i’d gone all in with tickets for 8 UK gigs! 17-Jun-2023 19:23:58
SteveW - That's too bad about Sharon's tour being cancelled 18-Jun-2023 04:23:13
Corranga - Not speaking Spanish may be the limiting factor for me, but Sala Clamores, from what I can see 19-Jun-2023 13:05:57
dave - I was at Andrea's gig at Sala Clamores, it is indeed a small theatre 03-Jul-2023 13:46:43
Den - Corrs gigs will pay better. 19-Jun-2023 23:03:31
Corranga - They have to do gigs for them to pay better though :D 23-Jun-2023 17:00:02
dave - I gave up on The Corrs after their extortionate prices for the O2 and RAH gigs in London, 03-Jul-2023 13:52:05
SteveW - Sharon's gig prices 09-Oct-2023 06:09:07

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