Message thread:
MikeFromMelbourne - What's the absolute best version of No Frontiers? 29-Oct-2023 01:44:08
Yrisea - Great question 29-Oct-2023 14:08:28
Corranga - It's Geneva for me due to the obvious emotional attachment, but removing personal bias 30-Oct-2023 14:00:41
MentariS - Agreed with Yrisea, I'd pick the Lansdowne Road one too - it's the crowd's reaction that does it for me :-) 29-Oct-2023 15:38:59
HGN2001 - I'm partial to the Corrs UNPLUGGED version. 04-Dec-2023 17:24:33
SteveW - No Frontiers on Unplugged 15-Jan-2024 12:24:27

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